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Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am the founder and owner of 8 Track Threads. I am a single mother to 2 beautiful girls. I am originally from Tampa, Florida (born and raised) and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in October 2002. You won't believe this but I had no background in sewing prior to starting this company! I worked for many years in Office Management and Executive Assistant roles. When I had my 2nd daughter, Anastassi in March 2013, I wanted to make her cute headbands but hadn't sewed since I was in high school (and that was only by hand so I had never used a sewing machine before). My little sister that was just getting ready to graduate high school herself, had a sewing machine she said I could have if I wanted to learn how to use it. Fortunately, my grandmother was on her way from Georgia to meet her newest great-granddaughter, Anastassi that same week and my grandmother used to make me dresses and clothes all the time when I was growing up! I especially loved the dresses she made me that I could twirl in. So I asked her to teach me how to sew and we spent a few hours on the new sewing machine I had and I was so excited to start making Anastassi "Stassi" some new headbands!  

After making a few headbands, I thought I'd share my work by creating an Etsy account in July 2013. I only knew how to make braided style headbands and headwraps and just did it as a hobby in my free time when I wasn't working at my full time job. Unfortunately, the last company I worked for in 2014, laid me off unexpectedly.  I was completely devastated because it took me forever to find that job since I was out of work for the last few months of my pregnancy and could only find temp jobs. I lived paycheck-to-paycheck like everyone else and didn't know how I was going to provide for my two daughters. I was signed up with several temporary agency companies, went on many interviews and then I would hear back from the agencies, telling me that the employer I interviewed with, decided to go with someone else. I had no choice but to apply for government assistance and unemployment. Then I find out from the unemployment office while I'm waiting for my unemployment to start, that my ex-employer never paid employment taxes on me so I had no unemployment to fall on. The state went after her but it was going to be weeks/months before I received anything. I had no money left.  I turned to my church for help who in turn told me that they don't give out hand outs (they didn't say it in those exact words but that's basically what they meant) and that they donate to local charities like the "Women's Shelter", etc. within the community. So basically, I had to be homeless to get any help from my church. God told me to call the first church I ever attended when moving to Charlotte, and they didn't blink an eye and immediately wrote a check to my landlord and utility companies to keep a roof over our heads. I obviously couldn't rely on them every month and took my last $20 I had in my bank account and went to my local fabric store to pick up some fabrics and put what my grandmother taught me to use! 

When your back is up against the wall, your bank account is empty, and creativity and passion are the only resources you can afford, success is your only option! - "Daymond John" 

You really never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have and I had to be strong for my two girls. I have learned so much about sewing along the way and now I'm addicted to making new creations and making the best quality product. I have worked full time for "8 Track Threads" while this business has allowed me to be a full time stay at home mom. I am truly blessed to each and everyone of my customers. Remember, when you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home: you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, allowing me to put food on the table, and to put a roof over my 2 daughters heads! My customers are my share holders and YOU are the ones I strive to make happy! 

Thank you for supporting this small shop and please make sure to follow me on social media where I post new releases and specials weekly.



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