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PINK & GRAY TRIANGLE Swaddle Blanket

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***Bow headband not included. Purchase the matching bow here:


Swaddling means to wrap your baby snug in a blanket for warmth and security, similar to the comfort of the womb. It is reputed to be one of the best methods for calming a fussy baby. Babies also find being swaddled in a blanket to be soothing after over stimulation. As a baby's nervous system develops voluntary muscle control, they often make sudden jerky movements. A sleeping baby can jerk awake and begin to cry leaving the parent wondering what the baby needs. Swaddling your baby can keep these sudden movements from waking or disturbing your baby. It is especially helpful to swaddle your baby the first few days of life while you try to keep baby warm until his or her internal thermostat begins to work effectively. Many parents opt to continue swaddling their baby at night long after they have quit swaddling baby during the day. This helps both the baby and the parents get a peaceful nights sleep. 

This blanket is made from a thin single layer of cotton jersey knit fabric and is soft and stretchy. Great baby shower gift! 

Measures 36x36. 

Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. 

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